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When you arrive at Schmatta for your piercing, whether you have made an appointment or are taking advantage of our walk in piercing, you will first fill out a release form. The relase form will have details including the type of piercing, jewelry selected and approximate healing time. This is when you will be asked to present your government issued photo id. ( for more information on what type of id will be accepted please refer to our faq section). After the release form is complete, and you have paid for your piercing you will be asked to step back into the piercing room. From this moment on its just the piercer and the piercee. To ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff we only allow the person being pierced into the room. Friends and family are welcome to wait in the store area. After your piercing is completed you will be given an aftercare sheet to take home with you. As always please contact one of our locations for any other questions.