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Schmatta is one of the most hygienic and sterile piercing shops in Saskatoon. Here at Schmatta we only pierce with single use sterile needles. All of our tools, jewelry, guaze and qtips are also sterilized using our very own autoclave.

We are currently enrolled in the Saskatchewan College of Dentristy Infection Control Quality Assurance program. Through this program we have monthy assurance that our autoclave system is working effeciently. Each and every one of our piercing clients will have everything being used for their specific piercing or procedure opened from sterile packages right in front of them. We use a hospital grade disinfectant spray on all of our surfaces as to avoid any sort of cross contamination. Frequent visits from the health inspector also help us ensure we have a clean and safe piercing environment. We are always happy to answer any question reguarding our practises and procedures.