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How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

At Schmatta you will be eligable for most piercings if: you are 16 years of age with photo id. At 16 you may sign for yourself, no parent required. You may be pierced at 14 with only Mom or Dad in tow, sorry your 18 year old sister,dog or friend will not able to sign for you. Your mother or father must have photo id, and your health card or birth certificate. We will happily pierce ONLY the earlobes of children 8 years and up with mom or dad, with photo id and also health card or birth cert for the child. Piercing such as genitals, nipples and micro dermal anchors will only be offered to clients 18yrs or older with the proper photo id. No exceptions!

What type of I.D. do you need?

Goverment issued id with your birthdate and photo all in one is ideal, such as drivers/learners liscense or passport. However we will also accept a health card or a birth cert only if it is accompanied by a student card or something with a clear photo. In the case that we are piercing a minor, then mom or dad's photo id will be required along with the health card or birth cert of the piercee. Note* we will not accept copies of any document. Gotta be the real deal!

Is it okay for my grandma or older sibling to sign for me?

NO, your mother or father only. If your primary caretaker is not your mother or father, we will need to see legal guardian forms. In addition to the legal guradian forms photo id for the guradian and health card or birth cert for the piercee. Sorry step parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone we forgot, you will not be able to sign the release form.

Are piercings safe?

Yes piercings are perfectly safe assuming that you are seeing a reputable Piercer in a shop that is following all health regulations, and assuming you are following the recommended aftercare given to you during the piercing.

Does it hurt?

Pain is really relative as everyone has a different tolerance to pain. People would not be returning for piercing after piercing if it was that bad. The benefits of the beautiful piercing that you get will far outweigh the procedure.

How long does it take to heal a piercing?

It really depends on the body part you are getting pierced. Please refer to our Aftercare section.

Can I get pierced with my own jewellery?

Yes, but we ask if you could bring your jewellery in a day in advance so we can properly sterilize it. Surgical steel, titanium and gold are the best options to start with as they are the materials found to have the least reactions in healing piercings. If at all unsure feel free to stop by.

Can you still breastfeed after getting your nipples pierced?

Yes. Your nipple is like a sponge the piercing will not block breast milk from exiting. Be sure to remove the jewellery before attempting to breastfeed!

What if I have metal allergies?

Generally allergies are caused by nickel content in metals. Try something that contains no nickel like titanium to start!

If I have to hide my piercings at work what are my options?

Yes, at Schmatta we carry a variety of piercing retainers which are clear pieces of jewellery that help camouflage your piercing. Remember though that retainers can only be worn in fully healed piercings.

Is it recommended to take out my belly ring if I'm pregnant?

Even if you find a softer material to wear in your navel piercing during pregnancy the fact still remains that there is an object under the tissue causing pressure on already stretched skin. To prevent scarring or migration, we recommend removing the piercing

Should I rotate my jewellery?

Absolutely not! Initial materials used for piercings are not porous and will not stick to tissue. Rotating your jewellery will only draw bacteria and dead skin cells through your fresh piercing and will not feel good.

My piercing is red and looks infected?

Chances are your piercing is still going through the healing process. If at all your concerned you more then welcome to come and get one of our piercers to take a look. Remember that a small amount of redness and crusting is normal with any piercing.

I think my piercing is Migrating/ Rejecting?

Rejection or migration can happen with any piercing. Basically what happens is your body recognises the piercing as a foreign object and considers that object a threat to your health. At this point, your body actually pushes the piercing to the surface of the skin. This is most commonly found in piercings that are preformed with jewellery that is not suitable for the placement of the piercing, but in some cases can happen for no known reason at all!