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Welcome To Schmatta

Schmatta is an independently owned store in Saskatoon with two locations that specializes in body piercing and custom t-shirts. Owner Stephen Sarich opened Schmatta in 1998 as a consignment clothing store which is where the name Schmatta, which means ‘rags or shoddy clothes’ stems from. Over time the store evolved into the piercing and t-shirt shop you all know and love, closing its original location on 2nd Avenue and opening two new ones on Broadway and 21st street. As the number one piercing shop in Saskatoon, we employ some of the most talented and qualified piercers in the city who offer a wide array of piercings, as well as some very creative individuals who specialize in the art of t-shirt making. We would love to help you with all of you piercing and t-shirt making needs. So browse the site or drop by one of two locations and say hi.